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We're off to the Big House

Due to the large number of dogs (and people!) coming to playgroup now, we've kinda outgrown the Kuri Staff Room.

Starting next week, we are moving Playgroup to the other side of the building, into one of the larger Doggie Daycare areas. This will give us all a bit more room, access to the outside play area in nice weather, and make poopie pickup a bit easier.

From now on, when you arrive, please come in through the main doors, pay at reception and then head on through to Chihuahua Happy Land:)

The Moo Shoes, bags and calendars will be on sale at reception.

If you'd like to pre-pay your playgroup in advance, you are more than welcome to deposit the money directly into our account. Please pay for at least 10 visits (minimum $20 for members) otherwise it's not worth the fees for either of us. We will mark off your attendance against the pre-payment when you come to Playgroup. If you miss a night, we can hold it over until your next visit.

Payment can be made by EFT using your surname, your dog's name and "PGROUP" as the reference, to:  03-1592-0061353-00

See you all next week.


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