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What to look for in a Chihuahua

Breed Standards of the NZKC

If you are thinking of giving a Chihuahua a forever home, there are many things you need to consider.


First and foremost, Chihuahuas are dogs. They require just as much training, socialising and work that a larger dog does if you expect them to be a happy member of your household.


Be prepared to commit to puppy classes, show training, regular walks and a long time house training - not because they can't learn, but it's harder to catch them in the act and teach them to go outside because they're so small.


Chihuahuas are long-lived. Will your partner of the future, children you don't yet have, be a part of your dog's life?


Most of all, beware buying your Chihuahua from anyone other than an accredited breeder. Beware pet shops as many source their puppies from puppy mills and so called "breeders" who insist on selling dogs without papers. Even pet purebred Chihuahuas should be registered with the NZKC on the restricted register. The cost is minimal and you are guaranteed your dog doesn't come from an inbred line, or a bitch forced to have litter after litter for profit. At the Dominion Chihuahua Club, we can help connect you with a reputable breeder, even if you don't wish to take part in club activities.

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