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Welcome to our New 2020 Committee

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Online AGM. Like everyone else in the world currently "working from home" it was great to be able to utilise the same corporate technology for our AGM. The technology performed exactly as it was meant to, only one non-member tried to vote and we were able to meet all our statutory and legal requirements without breaking out of our lockdown bubbles.

The minutes of the AGM can now be downloaded here.

We have to welcome some new faces to our committee this year and say goodbye to others. We have a new President, Casey Walters, and a new Vice President, Amba Waghorn, plus a new committee member in Katie O'Neill.

It's great to have a very active club with multiple people vying for the opportunity to help, but sometimes it means we lose some familiar faces. The club would like to extend a huge thank you to Caroline Manu for her help on committee these past few years and also her great family who manned many a sausage sizzle for us. Your help is much appreciated and you will be a hard act to follow!

Our new committee is as follows:

Patrons: Tracy Gannaway and Mr Piffles - The World's only Magic Performing Chihuahua (TM) ​President: Casey Walters ​Vice President: Amba Waghorn Secretary: Jenny Ryan Treasurer: Alex Coker Committee Members: Susan Galbraith, Tracey Campbell, Katie O'Neill, Geoff Keir and Jen Keir

Auditor: Lisa Grefell

Legal Advisor: Casey Walters

Vetinerary Advisor: Dr Tracey Tonkin

We also adopted a new constitution at the AGM, which means from 2021, there will only be a one level of membership of the club, rather than the very confusing "family' membership option we currently have available, so no more trying to figure that one out. The new constitution will be available shortly for download from this site, once it's been submitted to the NZ Business Office and fixed the typo that says April has 31 days.

We will convene the new committee as soon as it is practicable and advise what is happening with any upcoming events after that.

In the meantime, stay safe, be kind, and wash your hands.


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