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DCC accepted as a member of the International Chihuahua Club

We have such amazing news! The Dominion Chihuahua Club has just been notified that we have been accepted as a member of the prestigious International Chihuahua Club.

The club was formed last year by some of the most influential and experienced judges and breeders in the world with the aim of the aim of uniting all Chihuahua Clubs and friends under a universally recognized interpretation of the standards, to strive together for the purity, the health and the character of the breed and to nurse and improve the friendship of the Chihuahua Fanciers and official clubs. Also to promote the breed and edit guidelines helping to take care, breed, judge and respect the Chihuahua breed.

We've been waiting for a while to get word if we passed their stringent admission criteria and also had to get Dogs NZ approval, but with those hurdles successfully jumped, we have been admitted by the governing board this week and are among the first clubs to in the world to be admitted and the only club in NZ to have been accepted as a member.

We've been invited to nominated 2 delegates to attend their international forum (hopefully is a Zoom meeting!) which is very exciting and we might one day (maybe) get permission at some time in the future from Dogs NZ to run an ICC sanctioned show in New Zealand, which would be such a great thing for our breed.

If you want to check out the ICC, their website is here.


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