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Puppy Classes


The Dominion Chihuahua Club (DCC) would like to clarify that we are not affiliated with the American Kennel Club (AKC).


While we use the AKC STAR (Socialization, Training, Activity, Responsibility) program as a guideline for our own training program, it is important to note that our program is not the official AKC STAR program, nor are we representing it as such.

Regrettably, due to the unavailability of international evaluator accreditation by the AKC, we are unable to provide the full accredited program recognized by the AKC. As such, the Dominion Chihuahua Club has developed a training program inspired by the sound, scientifically based training techniques advocated by the AKC. These techniques are widely embraced by puppy trainers globally.

We acknowledge the AKC's inspiration for our training course. However, our program differs to some extent to cater to local New Zealand conditions and specific behaviors exhibited by Chihuahuas. Our trainers specialize in understanding and addressing these unique Chihuahua-specific behaviors, thereby tailoring our program accordingly.

The Dominion Chihuahua Club remains committed to providing comprehensive training that promotes the well-being and development of Chihuahuas while drawing upon established training methodologies and adapting them to suit our local context and breed-specific needs.

Please be aware that our training program is not officially endorsed by the American Kennel Club, and any similarities to the AKC's programs are intended for instructional guidance purposes only.

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