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$20 Pre-Paid Playgroup Cards are now a thing!

Great News! No more scrabbling around for loose change on a Saturday, or turning up to Playgroup with $50 note we can't change!

Members can now pre-purchase 10 doggie visits to playgroup and pay via online banking. Cost is $20 per card. You may pre-purchase as many as you want.

Our account is 03-1592-0061353-000. Please list your name and PGCARD as the reference and then you can collect the card from Alex on Saturday at Playgroup.

We'll clip the card each time (one for each dog that attends). Cards will be numbered and have your name on them so if you want, you can leave the card with us and we can clip it each Saturday when you attend. The cards don't expire so you can use them anytime.

Casual visitors will still need to pay $5 per dog on the night, but given Membership is only$15 (single) or $20 (family) a year, it's not really a big deal. All prospective members do need to be formally approved by the Committee, but unless you're an axe-murderer, animal abuser, Facebook troll or an otherwise "unsavory" character, we're a very welcoming lot.

See you there!


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